Looking to keep your costs down? Braun Linen’s professional linen and uniform service solutions in Perris, CA can help with that!

Braun is your number one choice for Restaurant Linens, Specialty Linens and Napkins, Hospitality Linens, Medical Linens and Apparel, Commercial Mats and Mops, and Restroom Facility Products, Face Masks, and Emergency Laundry Service in Perris.

Restaurant Linen and Uniform Service 

Get all the benefits and none of the hassle of high-quality restaurant linens with the help of Braun. We offer a wide selection of restaurant linen and apparel in Perris, CA. This includes table linen essentials, complete restaurant uniforms, aprons, and restaurant towels. With zero upfront investment and zero maintenance overhead, you can focus on growing your business – not tending to your dirty laundry. 

Specialty Linens and Napkins

Braun is your trusted source for specialty linens and napkins in Perris, CA. We have occasion-ready selections to satisfy your customers’ special event needs. We offer top-caliber table linens, table drapes, chair sashes, and other special event essentials. They come in the same reliable, impressive quality that Braun is known for.

Hospitality Linen and Uniform Service 

Your choice of linens can make or break your guests’ stay. Make sure to give them one they will remember with fondness with the right hospitality linens from Braun. Get that 5-star rating with ease with bed and bath linen selections that meet the highest standards on quality and cleanliness.

Medical Linen and Uniform Service 

Your facility does not have to give up convenience for quality. For secure, reliable medical linen apparel that brings peace of mind, entrust your medical linen and apparel rental needs to Braun. We have a complete selection of basic and special linens for different areas of your operations, all made safer and more secure by our Hygienically Clean healthcare certification.

Mat and Mop Service 

Braun offers the easiest way to keep your floors clean and safe with our all-inclusive mat and mop service. With top-of-the-line mats and mops to choose from and professional maintenance service, Braun makes sure that you get the best results for your floor care needs with ease and efficiency.

Restroom Facility Service 

Keep up with your restroom care needs with a little help from Braun’s complete restroom facility service. We ensure on-time deliveries, inventory management support, and a restroom fully stocked with all your odor control, hand hygiene, and paper product essentials.

Face Masks

Our reusable face masks are perfect for preventing the spread of airborne bacteria and illness.

Emergency Laundry Service

We have equipped our commercial laundry facilities with the best washers, dryers, extractors, and boilers capable of washing away any stain. Combining them with our experienced team and state-of-the-art tracking technology means that your linens are always as good as new.

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