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Linen service in Brea, California is some of the best in the world if you get it from the right provider. Especially if you think linen service should do more than the bare minimum. After all, even the linens your business uses says something about the business to customers. It can help operations, reputation, and overall customer perceptions just as easily as it can hurt them. 

Linen Service Excellence in Brea, California: Healthcare and Hospitality

With so much on the line, you can’t just entrust your restaurant’s linen needs to just about anybody. You need to trust the only restaurant linen service provider in Brea, CA that has the expertise, the experience, and the reputation for excellence. Trust only Braun Linen!

Braun Linen offers Face Masks, Emergency Laundry Service, Restaurant Linens, Specialty Linen and Napkin, Hospitality Linens, Medical Linen and Apparel, Commercial Mat and Mops, and Restroom Facility Products!

Face Masks

Braun offers the most comfortable face masks on the market at competitively low rates. We design them to be reusable to save our customers even more money and provide them with the constant protection they need from infectious disease and bacteria.

Emergency Laundry Service 

Each of our linens and uniforms needs routine laundry and maintenance to continually perform at their best. No matter when you need it or how dirty or damaged they are, our team is ready. We ensure the continued cleanliness and usability of all our products at all times.

Restaurant Linen Service 

We have the widest array of restaurant linen and uniform products to choose from on this side of California. Our stringent quality control protocols are designed to deliver the results that meet your needs. No matter the size of your business, or your existing aesthetics, there is a Braun restaurant linen for you.

Specialty Linen and Napkins

VIP diners? Special event? We have the perfect linens for that! Our specialty linen and napkin selections cover your needs for your special occasions and special guests. It’s the same Braun Linen excellence, only fancier!

Hospitality Linen Service

Top of the line bed linens? Exquisite bath linens? We have them all and more! Braun Linen provides you with some of the highest quality hospitality linens in Brea, CA. Our selection is designed to meet your five-star quality and hygiene needs – and we have the Hygienically Clean hospitality badge to prove it!

Medical Linen and Apparel

Braun Linen is superior, safe, and super reliable – everything you need your medical linen and apparel service to be! We have complete selections of garments and textiles for use by your medical professionals and patients alike. Our medical laundry service is certified safe and hygienic by TRSA’s Hygienically Clean. Your patients can rest easy knowing that their sheets and gowns provide them the full protection they need and deserve.

Mat and Mop Service

Floorcare can be high-quality and convenient! We have just the right service to bring you that. Braun Linen offers mat and mop service for all types of businesses and facilities across industries. Our selection is ideal for small, fancy offices or larger, industrial workplaces. No matter your need, Braun Linen is the one thing that’s consistent: in quality, reliability, and complete customer satisfaction

Restroom Facility Service 

Keep your restrooms fully stocked, clean, and smelling fresh without the hassle or ridiculous costs! Our supply service comes with the assurance of on-time, accurate deliveries, and a product selection that is infinitely better and more cost-efficient than their retail store alternatives.

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