Linen Service in Brentwood

Linen Service in Brentwood, CA

Braun Linen is your high-quality option for commercial linen service in Brentwood, CA. We specialize in the supply and maintenance of Restaurant Linens, Specialty Linen and Napkins, Face Masks, Hospitality Linens, Medical Linen and Apparel, Emergency Laundry Service, Commercial Mat and Mops, and Restroom Facility Products!

Don’t let the burden of linen care and management bring your operations down. Keep up with your linen needs more easily and effectively with the right textiles and a little help from Braun Linen!

Restaurant Linen Service

Braun Linen leaves no table uncovered! Our restaurant linen service offer a wide selection of commercial textiles for the foodservice industry. From the front of the house to the kitchen, Braun Linen has top-notch textiles for you. Contact us today for availability!

Specialty Linen and Napkin 

Take your tables to the next level with better, chicer table linen selections from Braun Linen. Our specialty linen and napkin selections are ideal for special occasions and include table skirts, chair sashes, and table drapery options.

Face Masks 

The safety of your staff and customers is paramount. This is especially the case in the hospitality and healthcare industries, where low cleanliness often shuts doors forever. That’s where Braun’s face masks come in! They are specially designed to resist airborne pathogens and prevent the spread of serious illnesses or diseases. Get yours today!

Hospitality Linen Service 

Boost your brand and your guests’ experience with better, cleaner hospitality linens from Braun Linen! Braun Linen offers the best selection of bed and bath linens, as well as apparel, for resorts, spas, salons, and hotels. And with our Hygienically Clean Hospitality badge, you can also rest assured that your supplies are safe and clean.

Medical Linen and Apparel

You don’t want to gamble on your medical linen service. Secure the quality and safety of your medical linens! Secure them with the Hygienically Clean Healthcare-certified service of Braun Linen. We’re your most secure source for your medical linen service needs, meeting all your requirements for quality, quantity, convenience, and safety assurance.

Emergency Laundry Service

No matter the situation, Braun is always ready for your laundry needs. Our laundry service has been certified Hygienically Clean by the TRSA and has a track record of excellence when it comes to cleaning and maintaining linens and uniforms from a variety of industries.

Mat and Mop Service 

Your facility’s floors need extra care but not the added burden. That’s why Braun Linen designed its mat and mop rental service to bring you the quality and quantity you need while taking care of their upkeep, too! Braun Linen offers a wide selection of floor mats and mops suitable for use in a variety of commercial facilities. Give your floors all the love they need, Braun Linen takes care of everything else!

Restroom Facility Service

Losing customers due to bad restrooms is not unheard of. Don’t let that happen to your business. Get the extra help you need with Braun Linen’s restroom facility service! Braun is your number one source for the best restroom paper products, and hand hygiene products for your Brentwood business. Braun Linen is your most dependable way to keep up with your restroom needs.

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Contact us today at (800) 272-8657 or email us at to get started on your commercial linen service. We look forward to working with you!

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