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Linen Services in Arcadia

Give your business the winning advantage of top-notch linens and uniforms with the help of the most reliable linen and uniform service provider in Arcadia, CA: Braun Linen!

Braun Linen is one of the largest and most enduring names in commercial linen and laundry services in Southern California. We’ve been delighting and satisfying clients for more than 90 years. Our services are built on the belief in excellence – and anything less than is unacceptable.

Braun Linen Service offers Restaurant Linen Services, Specialty Linen and Napkin, Hospitality Service, Medical Linen and Apparel, Mat and Mop Service, Restroom Facility Service, Face Masks, and Emergency Laundry Service.

Restaurant Linen Services in Arcadia 

For a complete selection of restaurant textiles and garments, call Braun Linen. We have everything from professional culinary apparel and a range of towel options to the classiest of table linen selections. Contact us today for availability!

Specialty Linen and Napkin in Arcadia 

Our specialty linen and napkin line features products that are specially made for special occasions. For example, we have table covers, table skirts, chair sashes, and drapes available in a range of shades to match the look of your special event.

Hospitality Service

A simple linen service upgrade might be all you need to give your hospitality business the facelift it needs! Braun Linen has the right linen selections and a reliable maintenance service to meet your needs and your standards for cleanliness and linen quality.

Medical Linen and Apparel

There are many ways to get your medical linen services done – but there is only one way to do it right and safely – with Braun Linen! Our professional medical linen and uniform services are designed for busy facilities looking to improve the level of quality of their textiles and get a better grip on the cost of linen and uniform maintenance without jeopardizing hygiene and safety. Additionally, we have a wide range of products including patient gowns, bed and bath linens, as well as maintenance items like cleaning towels and mops.

Mat and Mop Service 

Neglected floors are bad for business. Get cleaner floors with the help of our floor mat and mop rental services. We provide a wide range of floor mats for commercial and industrial use and a selection of floor mops for a variety of cleaning needs. More than quality products, we provide excellent service: the kind that gives you peace of mind. When you know your materials are clean and quality, confidence grows. 

Restroom Facility Service

Never lose another customer due to smelly restrooms or lack of toilet paper. Give your restrooms the full Braun Linen treatment for a complete supply of hospitality products. Our paper products, odor control solutions, hand hygiene systems, and other products help keep your restrooms clean and fresh.

Face Masks

Whether it’s something as dangerous as a worldwide pandemic or as simple as the common cold, we have designed our face masks to effectively protect against it. Protect your staff and customers today!

Emergency Laundry Service

Our laundry facilities are prepared to accommodate linens in any condition. Ripped, torn, stained, or covered in harmful bacteria, our team will handle it.

Contact Braun Linen Today!

There are many commercial linen and uniform service providers in Arcadia to choose from. However, only one gives you reliable quality, cleanliness, and efficiency. Get that for your business. Contact Braun Linen today for more information. 


Call us today at (800) 272-8657 or email us at to learn more. 


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