Linen Services in Cerritos

linen services in cerritos

If you’re looking for linen services in Cerritos and are searching for a premier provider of healthcare, restaurant, or hotel linen, you’ve found it in Braun. For a quality, on-time, reliable linen service provider, look no further. 

Whether you’re in the restaurant or hospitality business, you need high-quality linen to impress your customers and ensure a quality experience. Linens are one of the first things your customers see. That interaction should set an expectation of similar goodness to come. 

Choosing a linen service provider is a decision of enormous consequence. You’re picking who will supply the materials necessary for you to run your hotel or restaurant. As such, you’ll want a provider that’s honest, reliable, and customer-service oriented. There’s no time in the day to sort out the problems a mediocre linen service will get you. 

What will they get you? Every upset in the book. Late, incorrect, or disorganized deliveries. Still dirty or stained materials. Cheap materials for premium prices. The list goes on. 

Why Choose Braun for Linen Services in Cerritos? 

With so many linen providers out there, what makes us different? 

Family Ownership

Since our establishment in 1929, Braun has been a family-owned business and has every intention of staying that way. We know that long-lasting business only happens when both sides are consistently satisfied. That means:

  • Fair Pricing
  • Premium Quality Materials
  • Excellent Customer Service

If we fell short on any of these factors, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 


Braun has over 90 years in the industrial linen and laundry business. We know the industry and its importance to the clients it serves. Without linens, your business can’t function at full capacity, and if that happens, it’s unacceptable. 

Industry Leadership

If you’re the one setting standards, then your only choice is to find ways to get better. At Braun, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customer’s experience and increase efficiency or quality.

Wide Coverage

Braun offers a large selection of products tailored towards the hospitality and healthcare sectors.


We provide the tools necessary for you to maintain cleanliness and keep guests coming back for more:


Protect your staff and patients from the worst conditions the healthcare industry has to offer with:

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We offer high-quality linen services in Cerritos. To join our long list happy customers, call us at 800-272-8657, or request a free quote

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