Banning uniform and linen service is a necessity for companies looking to keep things fresh and clean. A good one will help their customers maintain their stock and quality without much thought or effort. This is where Braun Linen comes in.

Braun’s Linen and Uniform Service in Banning is Unique

Not just any Banning uniform and linen service will work out. Braun excels at meeting its clients’ needs and is dedicated to providing only the best for them. Here are just a few of the ways we succeed where others don’t.

Assured Cleanliness

Linens and uniforms that don’t last aren’t worth the cost. That’s why we guarantee our clients the best value for their money with our state of the art commercial laundry facilities. They provide a thorough cleaning that removes even the harshest, most dangerous chemicals, stains, and bacteria. We closely track each linen so that if something doesn’t meet our high standards, we immediately repair and even replace it for free.

Profesional Quality

The Braun difference is providing products that are effective and durable. Our linens and uniforms withstand anything no matter what the environment or situation. We protect workers with sturdy uniforms while our cleaning products prove too much for most messes to stand up to.

Care That Make A Difference

For over 9 decades, Braun has grown with the linen and uniform industry. Braun understands the importance of customer retention which is why ours is higher than most. We provide exactly what our customers need and the most efficient ways to do so. We have 24/7 customer service that is ready to meet any challenge thrown their way. Our deliveries always arrive on time, with everything that was asked for, and in excellent condition.

Braun Offers a Variety of Products and Services

Here is a taste of what signing up for linen and uniform in Banning service looks like:


Give your guests the finest linen and uniform service in Banning!


Take a look at the products that earned us the TRSA’s Hygienically Clean Certification:

Face Masks

Healthcare Linen Apparel

Emergency Laundry Service

Braun Has the Linen and Uniform Service in Banning Your Business Needs!

Braun is an industry leader in providing Banning linen and uniform service. Learn more about how we can help you by calling (800) 272-8657 or by contacting us here for a free consultation.

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