Linen and Uniform Service in Indian Wells

Second-rate linen and uniform services are a waste of time and money. Your business deserves better than that. For superior solutions and even better results, trust only the no. 1 in linen and uniform service in Indian Wells: Braun Linen!

Industries We Serve

Braun Linen offers complete and unmatched solutions for different industries.

Restaurant Linen and Uniform Service 

Elevate your regular dinner service into a 5-star one with the right linens. Braun’s restaurant linen selection is guaranteed to meet your highest standards on durability, appearance, and overall quality.

Specialty Linen and Napkins

Whether you’re setting up your space for an intimate little gathering or a grand soiree, we have just the right linen selection. Our specialty linens and napkins are guaranteed to create the perfect atmosphere to suit whatever special occasion you are hosting.

Hospitality Linen Service

Give your guests the best and most comfortable stay with clean, high-quality linens only from Braun Linen! Braun offers a complete selection of high-quality bed and bath linens that meets your guests’ expectations and your standards.

Medical Linen and Uniform Service 

There is no underestimating the power of clean, safe, emergency laundry service when it comes to your healthcare linens, such as face masks and scrubs. And that’s exactly what we at Braun can offer you – and more. Our laundry operations are backed by powerful technology, fully verified by our accreditations, including our Hygienically Clean healthcare certification.

Mat and Mop Service 

Give your floors the care they deserve with floor care solutions only from Braun. Our mat and mop rental programs come with the guarantee of professional maintenance service to ensure that your items are in their top condition, and your floors get the results that they deserve.

Restroom Facility Service 

Don’t let the little details fall to the backburner! Stock up on your restroom supplies with ease and convenience with Braun’s restroom facility service in Indian Wells. We offer a complete selection of your restroom essentials, from toilet paper to hand hygiene products.

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