Why Your Nursing Home Laundry Should Be Outsourced

Nursing Home Laundry Service

Should you outsource your nursing home laundry and hospital laundry to a third-party company? Here are some things that you can expect from outsourcing your laundry needs:

Convenience and Efficiency With Outsourced Nursing Home Laundry

A great advantage of outsourcing hospital and nursing home laundry to a medical laundry expert is how they improve efficiency. Additionally, they make laundry care and management pleasant instead of a headache. 

This allows your facility to get rid of inessential tasks pertaining to laundry. As a result, it also frees your facility up to focus on other important areas of your operations. When soiled linens and uniforms are taken care of and clean items dropped off, that’s less frustration and more time for other projects. Without the nursing home laundry holding you back, time becomes an asset rather than a limiter.

Nursing Home Laundry Improves Cleanliness and Safety 

Professional medical laundry service makes a world of difference in the cleanliness and safety of hospital laundry and nursing home laundry. Whether you require servicing for your residents’ items or standard hospital-provision textiles and garments, the required level of cleanliness, the kind that would be considered safest, remains the same.

The hygienic advantage that a laundry service provider has doesn’t stop with the clear advantage their laundry process and equipment have over what you and your employees can churn out at home or at your in-house facility.

Professional medical laundry service providers also specialize in the proper, safe handling of dirty and clean linens to help prevent cross-contamination and exposure – both for the sake of your employees and your patients. Scrutinizing every part of the medical laundry process is important to ensure safety. Even transportation needs to be clean and safe!

Cost Control

One of the least talked about, and most misunderstood aspects of outsourcing medical laundry service concern the cost. It is easy to see why business managers may assume a third-party laundry servie will raise costs. But that cannot be farther from the truth.

The right medical laundry service provider creates opportunities to lower the overhead costs concerning your nursing home laundry and hospital laundry. It replaces costly, complicated, and often-burdensome in-house laundry facilities.

In-house laundry facility costs vary, and hardly on the lower end. Whether a shift is relaxed or busy, employee pay stays the same. The electricity and water costs are hard to keep down, especially when you have small-capacity, domestic washers and dryers that take longer to cover all the cycles for all the laundry loads.

The cost of outsourcing your laundry is rather consistent and easier to control. Laundry services track usage, manage inventory, and predict usage trends. The result: it’s easier to keep up with the costs relating to your linens.

The Right Medical Laundry Service Partner is Braun Linen

Outsourcing is a partnership that requires your company and your service provider to work as closely as possible. You need a company that doesn’t just come in and out of your business to pick up and deliver. You need a service partner that takes the time to understand what your company needs and delivers exactly that.

If you’re looking for a company with a good reputation and experience, look no further than Braun Linen! As a medical laundry service provider, Braun is reliable and excellent in every way. 

Outsource your medical laundry needs today. Get in touch with Braun at (800) 272-8657 to get started or make inquiries.