Restroom Supply Service for California Businesses

restroom supply service

Restroom cleanliness is a key factor in keeping both employees and customers happy. There are many ways to go about achieving it, however, they all involve having the right tools at your disposal. These are difficult to acquire and keep in stock, especially without the help of an established restroom supply service for California businesses. There’s one provider you can trust to meet your needs:

Braun Linen Has the Best Restroom Supply Service for California Businesses

Braun Linen has provided restroom supply service for California businesses for over 90 years! We are an accredited service provider with a family-owned and operated approach to doing business. We work hard with our customers to ensure they always have what they need to maintain optimal restroom cleanliness. Here’s what we have to offer:

Paper Towel Dispensers

Braun Linen offers two separate paper towel dispenser options for your convenience. Our centerpull towel dispenser helps reduce waste by dispensing one paper towel each time. They hold a large number of paper towels and are easy to load. We also provide more traditional stainless paper towel dispensers that are clean, sleek, and built to last.

Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers

Our toilet seat cover dispenser operates simply and smoothly, minimizing the need for direct contact. This prevents cross-contamination and keeps users clean. These dispensers are durable, able to withstand continued use over long periods of time. The toilet seat covers we use are designed for easy disposal, preventing toilet clogging and further restroom cleaning.

Soap Dispensers

Our traditional hand soap dispensers effectively dispense the necessary amount of soap, minimizing waste and ensuring optimal cleanliness. We also provide soap dispensers for foaming hand soap, allowing for additional hand cleaning options. Each of our dispensers contain large quantities of hand soap so our clients don’t need to constantly restock them.


Floor care is integral throughout any facility, but especially so in the bathroom. We provide floor mats for specialized use under sinks and urinals that prevent buildup of liquids on the floor. They are effective tools for maintaining long floor lifespans and preventing slip-and-fall injuries in the bathroom.


On top of our floor mats, we offer various mops for floor care purposes. Our wet mops are absorbent and clean up liquids or spills of any kind. We also provide dust mops that prevent dust, dirt, and other materials from building up. Like with all our products, we maintain your supply of what you need to ensure you have the tools to keep restrooms clean!

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