Solutions to On-Premise Laundry Issues in Healthcare 

solutions on premise laundry issues

Is your on-premise laundry operation weighing your healthcare operations down? If so, you’re not alone. Healthcare facilities across the country suffer from a whole host of issues that negatively impact the quality and efficiency of their operations.

Top Issues Affecting Healthcare On-Premise Laundry Operations

These are the on-premise laundry operations-related issues that plague healthcare facilities of all types and sizes:


Cost is one of the most critical issues in on-premise laundry operations for healthcare facilities. There are just so many factors that impact the overall cost of laundry operations. And more often than not, these factors are out of your control. We’re talking about the cost of utilities, running the equipment, and hiring staff. Then there’s a whole other conversation about the cost of maintaining the equipment in cases of breakdown. Keeping operational costs under control is a constant challenge of balancing that always teeters on the edge of derailment.

Quality Control

Quality control is one other constant problem in running an on-premise laundry facility. Ensuring consistent quality will require a higher level of professional laundry expertise. There is also the constant risk of going over budget. You should never gamble on laundry quality. The safety, satisfaction, and experience of your patients hinge on the quality of your laundry service.

Labor and Management

Keeping fully-staffed operations is also a pertinent challenge to your on-premise laundry facility. And this is not just because of staffing shortages. On-premise laundries operate as their own separate department. As such, they require fully operational management. And this has the potential to derail or spread thin your management capacities.

How do you ensure the quality and cleanliness of your linens while bypassing these issues? The answer: medical linen service.

Medical Linen Service: The Best Solution to On-Premise Laundry Issues in Healthcare

The right medical linen service can ensure:

  • Cost Stability. Medical linen service costs are all-inclusive, covering everything from handling to utilities to labor. You don’t have to worry about fluctuations in utility costs and other factors. This means that your monthly bills are more predictable, more stable, and therefore more easily manageable.
  • Professional Quality Control. Medical linen service also comes with better assurances about the quality of your linen service and care. Not only is the laundry equipment better. More than that, the right provider has a team of dedicated, highly-skilled experts who keep an eye on every aspect of your service. You don’t have to worry about service, either, if your provider has all the necessary industry accreditations.
  • Zero Management Issues. Convenience is also the biggest benefit of working with a medical linen service provider. You don’t have to worry about all the nitty-gritty of running a fully-operational facility. That means you can refocus all of your efforts into patient care and other operations, not on your laundry.

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