Still Washing Your Salon and Spa Towels? Here’s Why You Need a Commercial Towel Service


salon and spa towel service

Many salon and spa owners are still shunning the prospect of outsourcing their towel service. This they do out of fear of sky-high costs or losing control of the maintenance of what is arguably one of the most essential part of their operations. Or both.

Either way, these salon and spa owners are missing out on the great benefits that come with hiring a commercial linen service for their towels, and are just piling on burdens they’d be better off without.

If you’re still washing your own towels, here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t:

1. Professional quality clean.

Buying your own towels and washing them in a smaller, non-industrial scale washing machine means having to deal with stains and discolorations on your towels from the harsh chemicals that are part of your everyday business operations. Leaving the towel maintenance to professional towel service companies means your towels are washed and treated in a large, industrial facility. These specialized facilities are equipped with top-of-the-line laundry equipment designed not only for quick, streamlined operations; more importantly, these machines are designed to produce pristine towels every single time.

2. Convenience.

convenient towel service

The salon and spa business is quite honestly one of the most demanding industries anywhere. The level of strain that comes with the business, not to mention the large investment in professional equipment, makes it quite stressful to run a salon or spa despite the kind of luxurious indulgence it offers its customers. And an in-house laundry facility only translates to more equipment to maintain and employees to manage and train. Wouldn’t it be nice to just dump all your used towels in hampers, forget about them, and never have to worry about the added burden of getting them cleaned? And wouldn’t it be great to know that you’ll always have nice, clean towels ready to go – every single day – without so much as lifting a finger to get them? This is what you are truly paying for with a reliable spa and salon towel service rental: convenience, peace of mind, and extra time to focus on what’s important to your business.

3. Sustainability.

sustainable towel service

Reliable towel service providers are eco-conscious. They’re aware of how much carbon footprint laundry and linen services leave, which is why there is also a conscious effort on their part to employ more sustainable practices. This, then, translates to you being indirectly part of a better laundry practice – something that is almost impossible to achieve with in-house laundry facilities that are unable to invest in technological improvements.

4. Elimination of risks.

Hiring a towel rental and laundry service means that you no longer have to spend valuable employee time on washing linens, and that you’re also freeing up valuable storage space. It also means you’ll never have to spend on buying a single towel ever again – towels that could get permanently stained, discolored, or outright ruined beyond further use from everyday operations to improper or insufficient treatment processes – because that burden will forever rest in the hands of your towel service provider. You are carefully unburdening your business from unnecessary investment risks and putting the money where you have the guarantee of excellent results without the risks.

5. Savings, savings, savings.

commercial towel service

Towel service providers not only save you from the physical and financial costs of an in-house laundry facility, they also help you manage your towel inventory more seamlessly. They can accurately track damages and repairs, as well as the volume of your usage every cycle. Better inventory management plus the elimination of unnecessary investments only spell one thing to us: savings!

So what are you waiting for? Throw in the towel and send it to a reliable commercial towel service!

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