The Braun Service Advantage in the Hospitality Industry 

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Meet your business’s hospitality linen and apparel needs reliably and easily with help from professionals. Only one California linen service expert can provide the high-quality advantage of professional linen service: Braun Linen!

The Braun Service Advantage for Your Hospitality Linen Service Needs

Braun Linen’s 90-year industry experience is already proof enough that we are good at what we do. We’ve had all those years of practice, after all. But it’s more than just that. The Braun Service Advantage is a comprehensive, results-oriented solution that lets you get ahead of your linen demands:

Consistently Clean, High-Quality Linens

There is no underestimating the power and importance of consistency and cleanliness in hospitality. The industry, after all, thrives on presentation and creating a good and lasting impression. And consistently clean, high-quality linens are essential to that. Braun Linen’s carefully calculated wash formulas and wash systems help ensure that. Our system is further secured by our Hygienically Clean Hospitality Laundry certification. With Braun, you can trust in the safety, integrity, and dependability of each linen that arrives at your facility.

Reduced Linen Loss

Linen loss is one of the most widespread problems plaguing the hospitality industry across the country. Hotels, for example, can unnecessarily lose up to 20% of linen inventory. This is mostly due to either premature losses or rampant and erroneous discarding. Extended storage due to oversupply can also cause linen damage. These losses can result in exorbitant replacement costs that can negatively affect your budget. 

That’s where Braun Linen comes in! Our solutions prevent losses through effective sorting, proper and adequate laundering, and product inspection at every stage of the process. We’ll also assist with inventory management, ensuring that you don’t end up with excess linen supply.

Hassle-Free Product Delivery

Keeping up with your hospitality linens should never be a game of phone tag between you and your supplier. Your linens should arrive on time and in the exact volume that you require. And Braun Linen’s efficient system can ensure that. You can focus fully on your guests’ needs, without ever worrying about having sufficient linens for the day. Each account is managed by a dedicated route representative that stays on top of your supply needs so you don’t have to.

Cost-Efficient Solutions for Your Inventory Management

Braun Linen’s hospitality linen service ensures that you don’t have to spend more on your linens than you need to. And it’s not just because of our competitive pricing. Our flexible rental and direct sales programs offer options that give you results just right for your needs.

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