Professional Floor Protection Through Braun Linen

professional floor protection

Business floors are difficult to protect from the elements and continuous traffic. They require a lot of upkeep and the right tools, both of which are expensive. That’s why your business needs professional floor protection from Braun Linen!

Here’s What Braun Offers for Professional Floor Protection

Braun provides businesses in California with the professional floor protection they need to save money and maintain safety. We offer:

Floor Mats

Braun offers a wide range of comfortable mat products designed for specific purposes. This includes:

  • Entry Mats. These mats are perfect for keeping outside elements from spilling into your business and damaging your floors.
  • Double Door Entry Mats. No business entryway is exactly alike, which is why we cover all our bases (and yours) with wider mats for double doors.
  • Commercial Runner Mats. Regardless of where you want to direct people within your business, our runner mats are a perfect fit!
  • Comfort Mats. Braun offers the most comfortable mats in the industry, custom-tailored to your staff and clients’ specific needs. 
  • Logo Mats. Our talented graphic designers will place your logo on your mats and find its ideal placement to maximize your subliminal advertising.
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats. For when your employees spend long hours on their feet, provide them with a comfortable solution from Braun!

Floor Mops

Mats serve a variety of functions on top of dust control, but they aren’t perfect. That’s why we offer specialized mops to help clean messes that get past them. Our wet mops are excellent tools for preventing stains and removing bacteria. We also offer dry mops that help manage dust and other particulate matter buildups.

Professional Maintenance

At the end of the day, no mat or mop will last forever. They can be expensive to replace and proper maintenance is difficult unless you know what you’re doing. That’s where Braun comes in! Included in our mat and mop rental services is access to our professional maintenance! We ensure that every item retains its durability, functionality, and quality. We also ensure you always have what you need when you need it, so you don’t run into supply shortages.

Braun Linen is the Professional Floor Protection Expert in California!

You can’t afford to miss out on family-owned, local, experienced service from Braun Linen! Our service is informed by:

  • Over 90 Years of Experience. Since 1929, Braun has led the industry in California, providing top-notch mats, mops, and maintenance to businesses that need them.
  • Reliability. We ensure on-time, accurate deliveries with no missing or damaged products. Our route service reps manage your inventory to ensure you always have what you need during each delivery. We also have a top-notch team of customer service reps who will help with any need you may have along the way.
  • Affordable Rates. Braun’s legacy of success and high-quality products makes us sound expensive. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! We offer the most competitive rates in the Golden State, ensuring our clients get the best value for their money.

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