We Are Open: Letter to Assisted Living/Medical Facilities

Dear Administrators and managers,

In light of the recent mandates from the State of California and Los Angeles County, I want to assure you that Braun Linen Service will remain open and functioning at full capacity.

If you are experiencing supply chain interruptions, employee absenteeism, equipment failures, cost overruns, let me know how I can help. We can do COG (customer own goods) wash and delivery or provide you with Braun Linen merchandise. We can provide Partial wash and delivery service (sheets only, or towels only) or Full service. Our cost remains lower than in-house laundry cost and lower than other out-house vendors cost. You have 100% control of the linen quantity, quality, delivery schedule.

While none of us knows the duration and the impact of this virus, rest assured that Braun Linen Service will be here for you if you need us. Please call or email me for any questions anytime.

Peter Uy

Customer Success Manager