What Cubicle Curtains Do for Your Patients

What Cubicle Curtains Do for Your Patients

Cubicle curtains, the disposable and launderable kinds, have become a standard fixture in most healthcare facilities. If yours does not have them, then you are missing out on all of the wonderful benefits. From comforting patients to protecting your employees, these curtains provide many benefits.

The Benefits of Cubicle Curtains

Long-term and short-term facilities alike can make use of cubicle curtains. As simple as they are, they contribute to overall patient care and satisfaction. Here’s how:

Providing Patients Much-Needed Privacy

Hospitals are the last place patients expect privacy. There is always someone coming and going, a roommate with ever-changing visitors, and the bustle in the hallway. This lack of privacy often causes great discomfort and sleep disruption, which can negatively impact patient recovery. Cubicle curtains provide patients that much needed privacy in their hospital beds. While they do not block noise or lighting, they give patients a space all to themselves. This sense of privacy is essential in especially crucial moments. For example: when receiving treatments or having conversations with doctors and caregivers. Whether it’s a quick checkup, a daylong stay as in the case of patients in the dialysis or chemotherapy wards, or a prolonged stay as in shared rooms in residential care facilities, when it comes to privacy, a little really does go a long way.

Adding a Layer of Protection Against HAIs

Nosocomial infections, otherwise known as secondary or Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are some of the biggest threats to patients. Those receiving long-term care are especially vulnerable. No matter how careful and thorough hospitals and healthcare facilities are with sanitation, no system is perfect, and infections are always possible. Contamination via surfaces is not the only culprit for the spread of infectious pathogens in healthcare facilities. Cubicle curtains provide a physical barrier around patients that keeps them from being too exposed to other people.  

Improving Patient Care and Satisfaction

A lot goes into patient care – certainly more than just drawing a sheet of fabric around a patient’s bed. However, this simple device allows patients a semblance of normalcy. With it, they can have private conversations in their most vulnerable moments and relax without observation – both of which can contribute to better impressions of their stay in your facility. Overall, the addition of cubicle curtains is a small factor, but a significant addition to a patient’s experience.

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