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hotel marketing ideas for the holidays

How to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel This Holiday Season

The cheerful holiday season has arrived, and with the holidays comes guests from all over, travelling for vacation and visiting family. This can be a gold mine for your hotel business!

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thanksgiving dinner menu ideas

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Ideas for Your Restaurant

While many families carry on the tradition of a homemade Thanksgiving dinner, not everyone has the time to cook, and not everyone has the skills to cook such a decadent meal. That’s where your restaurant comes in with a Thanksgiving dinner menu!

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green hotel

Eco-Friendly Tips for a More Sustainable, Green Hotel

Are you looking for ways to attract more customers while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint?

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different kinds of aprons

Choosing Between Different Kinds of Aprons for Your Restaurant

Do you have the right aprons for your restaurant? The restaurant business is equal parts service and equal parts presentation. That is why the right choice of aprons matters.

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bed bug prevention in hotels

Bed Bug Prevention in Hotels: Industry Tips and Tricks

Finding bed bugs in a hotel bed isn’t just disgusting – it’s deeply upsetting. One online review that mentions bed bugs and you can say goodbye to your hotel’s reputation.

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spa towels

Creative Ways to Use Your Spa Towels

As a spa, you probably offer a wide range of services, from massages to facials to waxing and more. Linens for your massage tables make sense, but what do you do with all those towels? If you’re looking to enhance the spa experience for your clients, investing in high-quality towels is a worthwhile investment.

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restaurant safety tips

7 Restaurant Safety Tips for Your Commercial Kitchen

In the restaurant business, there are many things to focus on – whether it’s your establishment’s finances and aesthetic appeal, or the taste of the food you serve to your customers. But one glaring issue that demands your attention as a restaurant owner or manager is the people who run the show – your employees.

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how to manage hotel and restaurant linens

How to Manage Hotel and Restaurant Linens at the Same Time

If you run a hotel that also contains one or multiple food service establishments, you’re presented with a unique linen management problem. Hospitality and food service linens have to meet two different standards of cleanliness.

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history of laundry

The Surprising History of Laundry

Our favorite day of the year is approaching. April 15 is National Laundry Day! To pay homage to this essential part of our everyday lives, let’s go on a trip down memory lane through the history of laundry and see how laundry has evolved throughout the ages!

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The Essential Types of Linen Used in Restaurants

With your brand new restaurant underway, it’s time to start thinking supplies and design. This includes what you’re going to need to keep your establishment clean and looking good, and what your employees will be wearing. The topic of restaurant linens covers this wide range of needs that you are considering.

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