What Linen Service Does for Healthcare Facilities


Few linens have more responsibility to be consistently clean and ready to work than healthcare linens. Considering the protocols for medical linens care that must be taken to ensure their safe use, healthcare linen management can take a toll.

If you’re looking to ease some of these responsibilities, it might be time to consider hiring a Southern California healthcare linen service.

The Benefits of Linen Service for Healthcare Facilities

It’s normal to be on the fence about outsourcing your linen needs. It’s never easy giving up control over your supply and their care. But it doesn’t have to be! The right linen service brings so many benefits that can make a world of difference in your own operations.

Cut Down Overhead Costs

Healthcare linen management is, in itself, not cheap. With an on-premise laundry facility, the costs can only get steeper. That’s where linen service becomes the more cost-efficient option. It saves you not only from the cost of acquiring and maintaining expensive, industrial laundry equipment. It also frees you from the burdens of managing the workforce that OPL operations require.

Streamline Linen Management

Linen management takes a lot of work, even for the more experienced healthcare facilities. And outsourcing your linen service can ease that. Healthcare linen services remove many of the strenuous aspects of keeping up with your linen management needs. From inventory management to laundry and handling, everything gets accomplished without taking you away from the core of your operations. And if you work with the right healthcare linen service provider, the paper trail is simplified.

Improve Linen Care and Maintenance Results

The right linen service provider can do wonders for your facility’s linens, particularly on cleanliness. For one, they have the facility and the equipment required to bring you better and cleaner results. With cleaner linens, patients are happier, everyone is safer against HAIs, and compliance requirements are met with more ease.

Where to Get Healthcare Linen Service in Southern California

There’s only one way to get the benefits of linen service: work with the right service provider. And in the ranks of Southern California’s best healthcare linen service providers, one name stands out: Braun Linen!

Braun Linen understands what linen service does for healthcare facilities. We are:

  • Better-Equipped. Braun Linen has one of the most advanced industrial laundry facilities in Southern California. This helps us ensure the efficiency of our processes, the integrity of the results, and the timeliness of your deliveries. We are fully equipped to handle all your needs – no matter how big or small they may be. 
  • Better-Skilled. The cleanest linens can only come from the best care. And we have the team exactly for that. Our highly-skilled, well-trained team can take care of your most crucial textiles with ease and expertise. You can always expect safe, clean linens that meet the highest expectations and standards in the industry.
  • More Experienced. Braun Linen has been in the business of healthcare linen supply and care services since 1915. With more than 100 years under our belt, we have the process pat-down.
  • Hygienically-Clean Certified, HLAC-Accredited. Our healthcare linen services are also Hygienically Clean certified and accredited by the HLAC. This is your best assurance for the quality and cleanliness of all your linens.  

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