How to Reduce Water Consumption in Your Business

Water consumption can easily get out of hand at hospitality and healthcare businesses. There are so many different ways that we use it in our day-to-day that it can often be difficult to pin down an exact reason why the water bill is so high. However, there are several ways to reduce water consumption in your business that many don’t often consider. 

Common Sources of Water Consumption in Your Business

Here are the three most common issues plaguing hospitality and healthcare businesses with high water bills. 

On-Site Laundry

Naturally, washing linens and uniforms on-site comes with its own costs. While it is often a convenient option, healthcare and hospitality businesses save a great deal of money by outsourcing to a laundry service. This may seem counterintuitive, but with the right service, the amount of money subtracted from your water bill is more than the cost of outsourcing laundry.

Buying Linens Instead of Renting

Like with on-site versus outsourced laundry, buying linens seems like the better option but it really isn’t in the long run. Buying linens means a higher upfront cost at the expense of a recurring fee. However, that also means linens are your responsibility. This comes with its own fees for washing, repairing, and replacing linens that need it. In the end, it totals far more money than would be spent on a linen service that provides each of these services on top of steady supply. 

Cleaning Messes with Inferior Products

Messes happen in any work environment and it’s important to make sure you clean them efficiently. Poorly-made cleaning products will fall apart or fail to absorb liquids as well as they need to for proper cleaning. This requires extra water to be used for every cleanup to ensure it’s done.

Braun Linen Will Help Reduce Water Consumption in Your Business

Braun Linen is the service you need to reduce water consumption in your business. We go about lowering your water bill in several ways:

  • Commercial Laundry Service. Since Braun Linen does the laundering, that we take a significant load off our clients’ water bills. On top of that, our processes are far more efficient than a typical laundry. We have a green commitment towards our services that translates into efficient and sustainable water usage and linen care.
  • Rental Service. Our linen rental service comes with access to our laundry and maintenance services. This means that our customers don’t only have a steady supply, there is also no extra fee for avoiding on-site laundry. Going with our rental service lowers all our clients’ bills, including for water. 
  • Mop Service. We design our mops with high standards. They are capable of cleaning the toughest messes imaginable no excess water usage is needed. This also saves clients money from high floor repair costs by ensuring proper care. 

Contact Braun Linen Today!

Braun Linen is the service you need to reduce water consumption in your business. Through our own eco-friendly facilities to our superior products, your budget will thank us! And you can start today! Call us at 1 (800) 272-8657 or contact us here for a free quote.