Medical Staff Apparel

medical staff apparel

Excellent care does not come from inexperience. Upgrade your medical staff apparel quality and enhance protection for your medical personnel with help from the most trusted medical staff apparel service in California: Braun Linen.

Medical Staff Apparel Offered by Braun

Braun Linen offers a wide range of professional medical apparel:

Lab Coats and Doctor Coats

Braun Linen is the medical linen service expert for excellent quality lab coats. Our lab coat selections protect employees from hazards and will withstand the daily perils of work in the healthcare industry. We have coat variations to suit the needs of different areas of your facility. Our cleaning procedures and protective systems ensure optimum hygiene upon delivery. Additionally, lab coat rentals from Braun can be embroidered – ask our representative today about this option!

Barrier Gowns

Maximize protection in your critical care and surgery areas with top-notch isolation gowns from Braun! Our isolation gowns feature raglan sleeves and knit cuffs, made of 99% polyester and 1% carbon material. They have excellent fluid resistance and enhanced durability for better, reusable protection. Available in 45” L x 59” W size.

Scrub Apparel

Give your medical personnel the best in protection, wearer comfort, and convenience with scrub apparel only from Braun Linen! Our scrubs are breathable, easy to move in, and always clean upon delivery! Our scrubs come in different colors with embroidery service optional! Find the scrub look and quality your employees want here!

Braun Linen: Quality Products, Quality Garment Care

Braun has been the leading name in medical linen services in California since 1929. Our rich experience in the field of medical staff apparel service and care is the foundation of our reputation for reliability.

We use the latest technology, work with the best people in the industry, and maintain across-the-board excellence in delivering your service. We also hold the coveted Hygienically Clean healthcare certification for your safety and peace of mind.

At Braun, we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk.

Start Your Medical Staff Apparel Service Today!

Experience on-time deliveries, reliable customer service, and the best medical apparel only from Braun Linen! Contact us at (800) 272-8657 to get started or to learn more about our services and products.