What Your Linen Service Should Be Doing for You


It’s one thing to hire a linen service provider. It’s another to actually get results from it. Any California linen service will tell you they’ll fulfill every linen need on time every time, but do they?  Is your linen service doing everything they should for you?

Here’s What Your Linen Service Should Be Doing for You

The right linen service provider can do wonders for your business. They can help you boost your efficiency, save up on costs, and improve your branding, among other things. That, of course, depends on whether or not they can hold up their end of the bargain.

This is what your linen service should be doing for you:

Consistent Access to Clean Linens

One of the most obvious benefits of using linen service is the guarantee of supply stability. No matter how busy it gets, or how high the linen demands are, you’re never at risk of a shortage. You’ll always have access to clean linens that are ready to use, delivered on time, efficiently, and accurately.

Quality Maintenance of Linens in Excellent Condition

It goes without saying that your linen service provider should ensure the cleanliness of your linens. Beyond that, your service partner should also secure the overall condition of your linens. This includes making sure that your linens are free from damages and obvious signs of wear and tear. In short, ensuring your linens are primed and ready for use is exactly what your linen service should be doing for you!

Protection from Costly Linen Losses

Linen loss in the industry raises hotels’ linen expenditures by up to $350 million per year. Your linen service provider should be helping you avoid these unnecessary costs. Their service should come with necessary safeguards that help secure your inventory at every stage of the handling process.  

So Your Linen Service Provider is Shortchanging You – Now What?

If you find yourself trapped in an unsatisfying linen service partnership, you’re due for an upgrade. You deserve one that meets all your needs – effectively, efficiently, and consistently. Your business and your customers deserve better!

Here’s a quick checklist in your search for your new – and better – California linen service provider:

  • Look for experience and track record. Nothing can come close to the reliability of experience and track record. In looking for a California linen service provider, make sure to look for one that has already proven itself in the industry. An experienced service provider is no longer trying to figure things out. They have the process down to the tee, guaranteeing the best results for your linens.
  • Check their accreditations. Accreditations are the best antidote to empty claims. Anyone can say that they can deliver the quality of service that you need. Only an independent accreditation can prove its validity. One important badge to look for is from Hygienically Clean. A company that has this certification verifies that your service provider meets federal standards, like OSHA’s. They also verify the integrity of the company’s laundry process and employee competence, among others.
  • Take a closer look at their procedures. There’s one thing that separates a good service provider from a true expert: the process. How they handle your linens – from pickups and deliveries, to how they safeguard your supplies from linen loss, to the billing and invoicing system – will define your experience and satisfaction (or lack thereof).

California Linen Service is Better and Easier with Braun Linen!

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