Medical Laundry Service in California

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Medical Laundry Service California

Medical laundry service in California has to be experienced, reliable, and always high-quality. To ensure your facility has the best, your options are (1) doing your medical laundry in-house, or (2) outsourcing it. Still, deciding whether to outsource medical laundry or not is a decision that more and more California medical facilities are facing. 

The hesitation is understandable. There’s so much at stake, and there’s so much to consider.

In this article, we’ll try to answer your biggest questions and the source of your doubts when it comes to getting a medical laundry service.

1. Is a medical laundry service more expensive than on-premise laundry? 

On the surface, keeping things in-house seems like an economical option. After all, with on-premise laundry operations, you get to control everything, including costs (to an extent). But does it really translate to long-term savings? 

Not if you consider the true cost of on-premise laundry

The overhead on the equipment alone makes it a more expensive endeavor. Not to mention, on-premise laundry is rife with unforeseen costs and non-cash burdens that can slow your medical facility’s operations. A medical laundry service saves you from all that, granted, of course, that you’re working with the right provider.

2. Should I use a locally-owned service provider or a national franchise? 

The only thing national brands have on local companies is an advertising budget. With everything else, local is the easy winner. Local service providers are usually smaller, family-owned enterprises where the upper office is, quite literally, the upper floor office. Because they’re smaller, you’re more important to them. 

The corporate heads are more in touch with what’s happening at the operations level and can be reached by phone. You can speak with the CEO on a first-name basis. The route manager sends you a Christmas card.  

Additionally, they can build real networks and relationships with you, and not just try to sell you their business. This works in every way to your advantage. This means that they are more flexible to your facility’s unique needs. Best of all, without corporate fees, local service is likely to be more affordable as well.  

3. Do I lose or gain or control of my linen inventory with medical laundry service? 

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! With a reliable linen and laundry service provider, you can expect to lose all the burden and gain all the freedom to focus on anything other than your mounting pile of dirty laundry. 

This is where transparency takes precedence in your transactions. Your invoice and communications should reflect every process, especially the ones that come with a price tag. Everything should be accounted for to prevent shortages, waste, and overpricing. Most important of all, the paper trail gives you the best protection against costly losses.

4. Is medical laundry service safe and reliable? 

Whether or not your medical linens and uniforms are safe in the hands of a California medical laundry service depends on your provider of choice. The bad news is, you don’t always get to know until you’ve tried out the service. The good news is, there are fool-proof indicators of hygiene and reliability in medical laundry service. 

One of the best measures of laundry facility safety is the Hygienically Clean healthcare laundry badge. This third-party accreditor is an independent agency that checks for the soundness and safety of healthcare laundry services. 

The process covers practically every aspect of a healthcare laundry provider’s operation: process, equipment, and post-process linens/garments. It certifies that: (a) the service provider complies with all the standards set forth for healthcare laundry (b) the employees are knowledgeable in safety protocols and standards and, among others, (c) that their post-process items contain no harmful amounts of pathogens and are deemed safe against cross-contamination. 

5. Where do I find the best medical laundry service in California?

The best medical laundry service provider in California is the one that has over 90 years of industry experience and has the reputation to speak for it: Braun Linen Service! Braun’s expertise ensures satisfaction in every way: from our product integrity to our dedicated customer service policies.

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