How Medical Staff Uniform Service Helps

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medical staff uniform service

Like most every resource in your operations, medical staff uniforms are among your most important tools of the trade. They play a role in both the employee and patient experience. Uniforms deserve just as much expert care as your linens. A healthcare uniform service might be the best way to care for your uniforms.

What does a medical staff uniform service bring to the table? Here are just some benefits:

1. Secures your facility’s supplies, preventing interruptions

Outsourcing your medical staff uniforms means securing your access to clean, safe, and ready-to-use uniforms day in and day out. No matter how busy the day gets, you can always rely on your uniform supplies to arrive on-time, accurately, and in the safest, cleanest conditions.

2. Reinforces your infection control efforts

Consistency is an important quality in any healthcare facility’s infection control supply. Unfortunately, that’s something that is near-impossible to achieve when your employees are taking their own uniforms home for laundering. The equipment they use at home differs in capacities. Their processes differ as well and may not always conform to standards expected of medical garments. And even if they were, there is absolutely no way of checking. On top of that, there is always the risk of their clothing picking up dangerous pathogens which can seriously breach your infection-control protocols.

A uniform service helps you avoid all of that. Compliant, and Hygienically Clean facilities not only help maintain cleanliness standards. They also help prevent garment-induced cross-contamination thanks to their strict handling and packaging protocols.

3. Relieves your employees of the burden of laundering and maintaining their uniforms

Working with a third-party medical uniform service provider in California provides relief to your exhausted medical personnel. They no longer have to rush to disinfect their uniforms at home. They no longer have to worry about having enough uniforms for their next shift. Additionally, they no longer have to worry about their own uniforms’ repairs.

4. Refocus your resources on other areas of operation, not on OPL overheads

Operating an on-premise laundry facility is expensive. It is far more expensive than working with a uniform service provider. With rising labor and overhead costs, an industrial complex within your facility can put a dent in your expenditures. Working with a third-party service provider keeps your costs generally more predictable and streamlined. With lower costs, you can refocus your resources on improving other areas of your operations.  

Reliable Medical Staff Uniform Service in California

While a medical uniform service is rife with potential benefits, it also comes with risks. Not all service providers provide the same quality of service, after all. In finding the right healthcare uniform service in California for your facility, look for:

  • Quality Experience. Expertise isn’t built overnight. An experienced service provider will give you the assurance that they know exactly what they’re doing – from pickup to delivery.
  • Facility Excellence. Look for a service provider that has the right facilities and tools to carry out your service. Great service can only come from great facilities. They not only ensure great results, but they provide them efficiently and conveniently.
  • Certifications and Compliance. Find a service provider that has proof of compliance and quality. In particular, look for certificates of compliance with industry standards as well as third-party qualifications. A good gauge is a Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification. This independent compliance body tests and certifies all areas of service and their thumbs up is widely recognized for reliability and integrity.

Interested in a High-Quality Medical Staff Uniform Service in California?

Call Braun Linen today! We have a complete range of medical staff apparel to choose from. We have more than 90 years in the industry and have the coveted Hygienically Clean badge to prove our reliability. Call us at (800) 272-8657 to get started.