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how to keep sheets smelling fresh

How to Keep Sheets Smelling Fresh: Avoid Stinky Hotel Linens with these 4 Tips

Figuring out how to keep sheets smelling fresh is essential to the hospitality business. Every day, you deal with the hassle of making sure your hotel guests have fresh linens. It can be incredibly frustrating when your sheets come out smelling not nearly as crisp as you would like them to, especially if they’ve been […]

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best fabric for restaurant napkins

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Fabric for Restaurant Napkins

When it comes to restaurant napkins, cloth is a much better option than paper. Cloth is more cost-efficient, more sustainable, and always the classier of the two. Whether you’re buying linens, trying to find the best fabric for restaurant napkins, or just looking for maintenance tips, these tips are for you: 1. When picking the […]

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find the right type of industrial floor mats

What Type of Floor Mats Does Your Facility Need?

Find The Best Type of Mat For Your Business The right kind of mat can make a difference for your business. This is something that far too many business owners are missing out on. Don’t be one of them! With the right kind of mats and a reliable mat rental service, your business can gain […]

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new website launch braun

New Website Launch

We are proud to announce that we have launched a new website! Braun Linen Service is your local family owned and operated business in Southern California. We have been providing service for over 80 years, and decided that our website should be renewed. Our website features the products and services that we offer to our […]

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restaurant linen pros cons

The Pros & Cons of Renting or Purchasing Your Restaurant Linen

When it comes to restaurant linen, there are many pros and cons to renting or purchasing. A restaurant owner should weigh out each option, coming to a conclusion on their next course of action. All restaurants should have quality restaurant linen which are laundered with care. When a restaurant takes extra effort in making sure […]

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