how to keep sheets smelling fresh

how to keep sheets smelling fresh

Figuring out how to keep sheets smelling fresh is essential to the hospitality business. Every day, you deal with the hassle of making sure your hotel guests have fresh linens. It can be incredibly frustrating when your sheets come out smelling not nearly as crisp as you would like them to, especially if they’ve been sitting in storage for awhile.

You may be wondering why this happens and how you can prevent this – after all, the smell of your sheets can make or break whether or not a guest will return.

Several factors can cause sheets to lose their freshness and even develop odors. Here are 4 professional tips on how to keep sheets smelling fresh so your guests have the most relaxing stay possible.

1. Store your sheets properly.

Even the cleanest of linens can develop a stench in storage. Over time, sheets can build up dust and, you guessed it: mildew. Because of this, the actual storage of the sheets is vital to determining how fresh they will be once laid out for the guest.

When storing sheets, make sure that the area is cool, dark and dry.

2. Put the freshest linens in the back.

When filling up storage, make sure you are putting the freshest linens in the back and moving the older linens to the front. This will ensure that none of them are sitting in storage for too long a period of time, causing them to build up dust and lose their fresh appeal.

3. Give them some room to breathe.

Make sure that you have enough storage space. Avoid tightly packing linens together. Air should easily circulate throughout the area. Our favorite trick is to use dryer sheets between each linen, keeping them smelling fresh and preventing the musty scents that tight storage space can give them. Visit this blog for more ways to freshen up your linens in storage.

4. Invest in a linen service.

In a hotel, strangers are constantly sharing the same sheets and towels. While they may be cleaned after each guest, a stranger would want their sheets to feel brand new to them – not like they are using some random individual’s hand-me-downs.

The laundry needs to be disinfected, maintain its softness and silkiness, and smell nice. Otherwise two things can happen – you will be handing out linens that do not smell as fresh as they could or you will have to constantly replace your sheets. With a linen service, you ensure that you are giving each and every guest the best of the best – the nicest-smelling, the cleanest and the most comfortable.

Fresh is best.

If you’re trying to figure out how to keep sheets smelling fresh, give Braun a call today at 800-272-8657! We provide top-of-the-line linen rental services in the hotel industry, helping you save money and eradicate the headaches of laundering your own linen.


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