how to keep towels fluffy

Whether you use towels for your lodging business, spa, or medical facility, you want them to be as comfortable for your guests and patients as possible. You don’t want your towels getting stiff or rough after multiple washes and uses.

Here at Braun Linen, we’ve been supplying and laundering linens and towels since 1929. Decades of experience have taught us how to keep towels in tip-top shape.

Laundry experts point out that a good towel can last five to ten years! So, don’t cycle through towel after towel, wasting valuable time and money. 

Here is how you can keep your towels fresh, clean, and fluffy for your clients to enjoy:

1. Invest in Quality Towels to Start With

Avoid towel problems before they begin by investing in high-quality, dense cotton towels. The denser a towel is, the more absorbent it will be. However, you don’t want towels so heavy that it becomes difficult for your customers to use them.

You can’t go wrong starting with high-quality, hefty towels with large thread loops. These towels are designed to be the most practical and comfortable of their kind. So, starting with these towels as your base, you are less likely to encounter stiffness in the future.

2. Wash Towels Separately and Regularly

Towels are different in texture and material than other linens, so wash them separately from any sheets or pillowcases. Make sure you’re washing towels with the right products. Ironically, fabric softener isn’t the best choice because it will coat the towel’s exterior with oils and affect its absorbency.

Experts say to use distilled white vinegar. It softens the towels, gets rid of bacteria, and doesn’t stink up the washing machine. Additionally, you want to wash your towels regularly. Towels are used so often on the skin that they can collect bacteria quickly. So, make sure you rotate them out often.

3. Don’t Wash Your Towels on High Heat

While it may be tempting to wash towels on high heat to attack bacteria, heat can actually break down cotton and reduce its softness. Experts recommend washing and drying towels on medium heat. This will still kill germs without sacrificing fluffiness. 

4. Invest In a Towel Service

Making sure your towels stay fluffy can be a tedious task. From rotating them often, washing them separately and regularly, and using the proper products at the proper temperature, keeping your company’s towels fresh can take up valuable time and money.

Investing in a towel service eliminates all of the hassle. A rental program like Braun Linen’s is designed to stock, commercially launder, press, replace, and mend all of your towels. Utilizing a towel service makes your job easier so that you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

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