3 Things You Can Learn from Disney Hotels

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If you’re running a hotel, motel, or other lodging business, you want your facility to not only be professional and clean, but also comfortable, fun, and enjoyable for guests. Maintaining all these aspects can be challenging. However, one branch of hotels does this really well.

Disney hotels are some of the most popular in the world. There are currently 36 resorts at Walt Disney World alone with over 30,000 hotel rooms. And while close access to the Disney parks plays a big role in why these hotels are so popular, there are other aspects that draw guests in and keep them coming.

Here at Braun Linen, we understand how important it is to have a hotel that customers will love. But how can you add some Disney magic to your lodging business today?

Here are 3 interesting things you can learn from Disney hotels:

1. Theming

Every Disney hotel is easily identifiable from one another, as each one has its own distinct theme that is executed to a tee. From the seaside-themed Paradise Pier Hotel to the Victorian elegance of the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, each Disney hotel offers something different – and they don’t skimp on the details.

Replicating this on a smaller scale can be helpful. Having a theme that’s cohesive throughout your hotel can keep guests attentive and excited. For example, if you’re a beach resort, implement elements of the beach throughout the decor of your hotel. From decorations in the lobby to beachy artwork in the rooms, the options are limitless.

2. Fun Activities for Guests

Even though people come to Disney primarily for the theme parks (and spend most of their time there), Disney still takes the time to create fun experiences in their hotels. Pool parties, movie nights, game nights, and more are all creative ways to keep guests entertained 24/7.

Something as simple as adding a movie projector in front of your hotel pool can make a difference in elevating your guests’ experience. Don’t only view your hotel as a place for people to sleep, but also as a fun escape from home for traveling guests. Get creative and make it fun!

3. Service and Cleanliness

Disney employees (or cast members, as Disney calls them), provide unparalleled customer service. In their training, cast members are taught four key words to work by: safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency. Try to hold yourself and your staff to the same standards. Keep guests safe and comfortable while making sure they have what they need while having a great time at your establishment.

Disney is strict about ensuring clean linens and rooms to all their guests. Keep your rooms clean and up-to-date with fresh linens. Trusting a linen service like Braun Linen can help you keep your rooms up to the Disney standard.

Let Braun Linen Give Your Hotel Some Disney Magic Today!

From theming to fun activities and excellent customer service and cleanliness, there is a lot to learn from Disney hotels. And while Disney has quite a large budget and thousands of cast members, there are ways you can implement some of these qualities into your lodging business today.

Braun Linen has the tools you need to impress guests at your facility. From top-notch hotel linens to cleaning products and facility products, we are dedicated to making magic in your hotel today.

We’ve been helping hotels like yours since 1929, so trust the experts here at Braun Linen. Contact us today for a quote at 800-272-8657.

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