bed bug prevention in hotels

bed bug prevention in hotels

Finding bed bugs in a hotel bed isn’t just disgusting – it’s deeply upsetting. One online review that mentions bed bugs and you can say goodbye to your hotel’s reputation.

Don’t leave the success of your hotel to the bugs. Here’s how to identify and deal with a bed bug infestation, along with some prevention tips!

What You Should Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, flat, wingless insects. They are usually a reddish-brown color, but their color will change to a purple-red after they’ve ingested blood. Their bodies will also grow larger and longer.

Adult bed bugs are about a ¼ of an inch long and just-hatched bed bugs are about 1/16 inches long and devoid of color. Bed bug eggs are extremely tiny – about the size of a pinhead and white in color.

Bed Bug Prevention in Hotels

1. Conduct inspections regularly

One of the best ways to prevent a bed bug infestation is to catch it early. You may not have control over what guests bring into your hotel, but you can control what stays. In addition to the linens and mattress, check the cracks in the bed frame and headboard for bugs. Bed bugs also like to hide in curtains, chairs, couches, drawers, walls and electrical appliances.

In addition to live bed bugs, be on the lookout for:

 – Eggs and eggshells

 – Bed bug excrement, which usually takes the form of dark spots

 – Reddish stains on your linens or mattresses from crushed bed bugs

 – Yellow skins from shedding bed bugs

2. Train your staff to identify bed bugs

Enlist your hotel staff, especially your cleaning staff, in bed bug prevention by training them to identify bed bugs and the signs of bed bugs listed above. You can’t be everywhere at once, but your hotel staff will regularly be cleaning your guest rooms and they are your best chance at spotting bed bugs before your customers get the chance to.

3. Make sure your linens are being used and cleaned properly

Linens are one of the most popular locations for bed bugs to hide, and also one of the easiest ways for them to spread. When your staff is replacing your hotel linens, make sure that they isolate the dirty linens from the clean linens in a bag.

Additionally, you should be working with a professional hotel linen service that you trust to really clean your linens. A high-quality laundry service will get your bed linens cleaner than you would have ever thought possible and will reduce the chances of a bed bug infestation enabled by your hotel textiles.

4. Respond to bed bug complaints with excellent customer service

If, unfortunately, you receive guest complaints about bed bugs in your hotel rooms, it’s best to have a great plan in place to make your guests feel that your hotel actually cares about them and their comfort. Consider offering room upgrades, complimentary meals or other free amenities. Another great way to show good customer service is to provide laundering or dry cleaning services for guest clothing to ensure that your guests won’t find more bed bugs later on and that your hotel’s infestation won’t spread. You can also treat their luggage for bed bugs.

5. Remove the infestation as quickly as possible

Have a licensed, professional pest control company on call that you trust to really get the job done. While you can temporarily reduce the number of bed bugs by vacuuming them up, these bugs are tricky and it’s better to do a thorough clean now than discover bed bugs in your other rooms a few days or weeks down the line.

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