restaurant linen service

Finding and keeping quality linen for your restaurant is one of the quieter challenges of the restaurant business. Restaurant-quality linens are hard to come by and even tougher to maintain in top-notch condition.

Between food prep, cooking, and consumption, spills and messes are inevitable. Having a professional provider like Braun take care of your restaurant’s linen needs will make selecting and maintaining quality linens a pleasure. Here’s what restaurant linen services through Braun can do for you:

Quality Materials Always

When you purchase your own restaurant linens, you’re comparing prices against quality and amount, sifting through styles and textures, and hoping the stars align to satisfy your wants. In other words, finding the quality and style you want for a price you can agree with is a long-shot. And the quest usually ends in a compromise. 

If those materials are rented from Braun, the quality is assured. No matter the amount, style, or texture, Braun has what you need in the quality you want. It’s not in our interest to supply you with low-quality materials. Customer satisfaction is a top priority and, as a result, the quality of our restaurant linens will match or exceed your expectations. We’re not satisfied unless our customers are, and our material quality reflects that. 

Professional Care and Maintenance

At Braun, we know that quality materials aren’t enough. Unless those materials are cared for in a professional manner, they won’t last, and won’t satisfy. That’s why we take the steps required to keep our linens fresh and stain free. From state-of-the-art machine washing and drying to precision monitoring practices, you can rest assured that your restaurant linens from Braun will be ready to go.  

Customer-Oriented Service

Quality and professional cleaning procedures mean little if there’s no way to reach the provider. When there’s an issue, or you’d like to change some aspect of your inventory, being able to get somebody helpful on the phone is necessary. Endless games of “find the right representative” only cut into your time and sometimes don’t even change anything. 

Braun recognizes the value of communication with our clients. Not only does easy access to a service representative help us serve you better, but it is the best expression of our concern for our clients. Your satisfaction with our service is our priority, and we want to know we’re achieving that or falling short. That way, we can fix the issue and keep you satisfied.  

Inventory to Satisfy Any Need 

No matter the requirements of your restaurant, Braun has the materials it needs. We’ve got the high-end options in a variety of colors. That way, you can keep your restaurant’s style or color scheme, and change it when the time is right with a phone call. We have: 

  • Table Cloths
  • Cloth Napkins 
  • Bib Aprons
  • Bistro Aprons
  • Waist Aprons
  • Chef Coats, Pants, and Caps
  • Cook Shirts
  • Bar Towels
  • Dish Towels
  • Microfiber Towels
  • Glass Towels
  • Grill Pads
  • Wash Cloths
  • Facility Service Supplies

Contact Braun Linen Today for Quality Linen Services Tomorrow 

Let go of your restaurant’s linen, uniform, and towel stress. With Braun in your corner, you can go about business knowing you’ll look good every step of the way. 

For more information, give us a call at 800-272-8657, visit our website, or contact us here.