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The holidays can be trying times for many people. The season comes with many stressors: financial strain, fatigue, and many others. Add into the equation a hospital stay, and the holiday season can become overwhelming. 

To boost the morale of your patients, consider the following suggestions: 

Encourage Employees to Engage Patients

Sometimes, the loneliest people are often surrounded by others. People have their own lives and obligations to attend to, and it’s easy to overlook those who need attention. Hospitals are a good example of this dynamic at play. Though a patient is likely to see someone a dozen times in any given day, are they really being seen? Is them being there significant in any way? 

For the employee tasked with taking care of them and every other patient on the floor, it can be difficult. Compounding the issue is that the holidays are generally very busy for hospitals. Encouraging your workers to talk to patients on a more invested level is asking a lot of them. 

Here are some ideas to encourage your employees to make the time: 

  • Encourage your staff to spend breaks or meals with patients in their room
  • Supply gifts your employees can give to their patients
  • Enable the discovery of common ground between patients and their caretakers
    • Have hobbies, birthplaces, or work details of patients on charts so caretakers can ask or relate to them

Holiday Classics for Common Ground

One of the best things about the holidays is the programming. There’s something very comforting about knowing the movies that will likely be shown during the season. Most people have one or two that they’re partial to. Ask your nurses or doctors to enquire about their patient’s favorites and run them when able. The right holiday movie could be all it takes to pull a patient out of a slump. 

Not only will this increase interactions between patients and staff, but it will also improve the quality of those interactions. Asking questions about a favorite holiday movie and then acting upon that conversation could greatly improve patient trust in their caretakers. 

Quality Linens for Ultimate Comfort

If hospital stays are stressful, holiday hospital stays are even harder. Patients might feel sad or discouraged about spending time in the hospital during the season. The last thing they need are scratchy, uncomfortable linens. 

Only a reliable, time-tested, customer-service oriented provider of medical linens and uniforms can get you quality when it’s needed most. Because hospitals are so busy during the holiday season, you’ll need a linen supplier who goes above and beyond. 

Braun Linen is Here to Help

With Braun Linen supplying your hospital or clinic’s linens, you’ll get timely delivery and great customer service. We are the professionals with over 90 years in the medical linen industry. We’ve worked with thousands of restaurants, healthcare facilities, and hospitality providers. With that experience, we know what’s needed to get the job done right every time. We also know the necessity of our materials to your business’s smooth functioning. 

If top-notch quality service, and experience are what you’re looking for, then you’ll be pleased with Braun. 

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