How to Update Your Restaurant for Spring


The first buds have sprouted and the sun is shining. As the temperature rises, people are ready to shed the last remnants of winter and usher in spring. How are you preparing your restaurant for the season?

Out with the cozy and in with the bright! Diners are excited to emerge from the cooler months. This emergence is a key element that you can really play up. So keep things light, fresh, and bright whether it’s in your decor or your menu.

Here is how you can update your restaurant for spring: 

1. Bring nature inside. 

When it comes to bringing spring into your restaurant, your range of options go beyond the usual bunch of flowers in a vase. There are endless ways to incorporate nature into your centerpieces and decors. 

Twigs, fresh leaves, sprouting bulbs, eggs, butterflies, and birds are some of your most popular spring décor choices. Form them into miniature topiaries, recreate nests in a terrarium, form them into fresh wreaths, or simply put them in bright pastel-colored baskets or mason jars. Spring will definitely have sprung in your restaurant!

2. Freshen up your menu.

Bring the brightness of the season over to your plates and introduce fresher, cooler dishes to your diners. Spring is no longer the season for roasts and thick soups, and it’s time to update the salad menu.

There is also a lot of room for spring in your drink menu. We predict that pastel-colored cocktails will be great hits this season!

3. Free up the outdoor space. 

Spring weather calls for outdoor dining! Tidy up your patio and outdoor dining areas with a fresh wash and maybe a new coat of paint. A sprinkling of potted plants would also make a great addition to your outdoor dining areas. 

Don’t forget to update your scraper floor mats and outdoor mats – you wouldn’t want traces of spring mud and grime to get onto your floors!

4. Make your restrooms smell like spring. 

Don’t stop with your dining areas and lobbies in your restaurant’s spring transformation. Add a touch of freshness to your restrooms with spring-themed scents in your restroom deodorizers, hand soaps, and hand sanitizers.

5. Brighten up your color palette. 

Brighten up the colors inside your restaurant by updating your table linens. The colors most popular with spring are pastels but a touch of verdant greens and bright blues on your table covers and napkins, paired with spring elements for centerpieces, is surely going to usher in this bright, new season.

And when it comes to linens…

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