Floor Mats Your Medical Facility Needs

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Keeping dirt, debris, and grime out of your medical facility is crucial to keeping patients safe. To do this, your hospital or clinic needs the right floor mats in the right places. Luckily, Braun has every option needed to keep dirt, dust, and debris under control where it matters most. 

The Right Floor Mats, and Where They’re Needed

Not only does Braun have the supply to handle any medical facility’s floor-care needs, we have professional expertise. We know what’s needed where, and how to best manage the mats necessary for your success. To name a few, we have: 

Entry Mats 

Entry mats serve multiple purposes. First and foremost, they catch and hold the bulk of outside material. Once caught, dirt and dust stay locked in until the mat is taken and professionally cleaned. There are few better ways to keep the lobby or waiting room clean and neat. 

Double Door Mats  

For larger entryways, we offer the same quality and effectiveness of our effective entry mats, but larger. No matter the requirements of your mat service, Braun is ready. 

Commercial Runners 

Those too-slick hallways, corridors, or kitchens have met their match with Braun’s commercial runners. For added traction down a length of floor that needs it, our commercial runners offer traction and comfort. 

Comfort Mats 

With how much stain standing can put on the feet, legs, and back, along with the other stressors of the job, a little comfort can go a long way. Braun’s comfort mats offer a soft respite from the hard floor and demands of the profession. 

Logo Mats  

If combining safety, cleanliness, and company representation in a single package appeals to you, then ask about Braun’s logo mats. Our logo mats are constructed with quality materials and they are beautifully adorned with your personalized company logo. That’s a greeting your patients and their visitors will remember. 

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Similar to our comfort mats, our anti-fatigue mats take the pressure off where it matters. Better suited to positions that have employees standing in one section all day, anti-fatigue mats are comfortable, safe, and strain-relieving. 

Action Mats 

Action mats could be the hero your medical facility needs. For a mat that’s able to take anything for a long time, our premium action mats are just the fit. They’re not only ready to provide traction, comfort, and cleanliness, but they are also ready to absorb and hold anything! Be it fluids, oil, grease, action mats are ready. 

Brush Hog Mats

Few mats combine qualities of high absorbency with debris removal like Braun’s brush hog mats. For a classic look with new-age tech, brush hog mats are the choice you’ll enjoy. 

Classic Brush Mats

If you’re going for a more classic look and clean, we offer classic brush mats. The brush knocks off the dirt and debris, and the mat holds onto them. It’s a classic duo, and a superior clean. 

Classic Impressions Mats

For a mat that says something while doing something, our line of classic impression mats is sure to please. With professional materials and engineering behind every fiber, these mats make a clean impression. 

Comfort Flow and Comfort Scrape Mats

For areas that are prone to wetness or require long periods of standing, our line of comfort flow and comfort scrap mats are ready. For traction, comfort, and safety in any environment, these options will do you right. 

ComputTuft Mats

If your logo or desired design is too intricate for normal mat-making processes, ComputTuft mats are available. These beautiful mats maintain their purposeful integrity while representing anything you’d like. No matter the demands of your design, ComputTuft mats will get the job done. 

Choose Braun Linen for a Clean and Safe Tomorrow

If reliable quality and performance is what you’re hoping to get out of your mats, Braun is the place to look for them. Not only do we provide the best quality and customer service, but our full service mat rental program is second-to-none. No matter your need or facility requirements, we’re ready with the products and services. 

For more information, give us a call at (800) 272-8657 or contact us here.

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