The Importance of Clean Restrooms

clean restrooms

Don’t let a negative experience in your bathroom sabotage your business. A clean bathroom is important to not only the people who use it, but to the well being of your business. 

Consider the following reasons for keeping it clean:

Fulfilling Expectations

Regardless of what your business does or who your clients are, having a dirty, smelly bathroom will do nothing positive for that relationship. 

Imagine for a moment that you’re about to close a deal at Candy Co. for fresh deliveries of strawberry candies every week. The sales agent leaves the room to collect some paperwork, and you decide to use the bathroom while they’re getting it together. 

You can smell the bathroom before you can see it. Tinges of ammonia float outside the door until you open it to a nose full. Through watering eyes, you find the urinal and walk to it, shoes sticking with every step. Sewage odor faintly rises from the urinal and you hold your breath. The soap dispenser wheezes, the faucet is grimy, and your muddled reflection says, “what have you gotten yourself into?”.

Maybe you take your business elsewhere. Maybe you sign anyway but can’t get that bathroom out of your head. Maybe you can’t look at that strawberry candy the same way knowing where it came from. One thing you know for sure – if it weren’t for that bathroom, you wouldn’t be thinking about it this way. 

Demonstrate Concern and Caring 

Bathroom visits are a mandate of nature so people will surely use it. Be they employees, clients, visitors, or guests, the state of a bathroom will suggest how the business owner feels about them whether they intend it to or not. 

It takes time, energy, and resources to keep a bathroom well stocked and maintained. Neglecting it can show exactly how much comfort and cleanliness of others means to the business owner.  

In time, bathroom neglect could spill over into public perception on not just a personal level, but a professional one. 


Beyond business reputation, a clean bathroom is essential for good health. Bathrooms are germ and bacteria strongholds. A poorly maintained one is a pathogen’s paradise and enormous liability, and not just for the abundance of microbes.  

Poorly maintained bathrooms have leaks, uncleaned spills, and soap piles that are tremendous slipping hazards. Well placed mats can protect a business against this huge liability, but nothing replaces regular quality maintenance.  

Braun Can Help 

Maintaining a bathroom on top of the other demands of your business can seem like too much. When you stop to think about the time, energy, and resources that goes into it, the urge to put it off is understandable. 

Unfortunately, the costs for that negligence are far higher than the costs of maintenance. Working with a provider who will help you clean and maintain your restrooms can give you clean bathrooms without the hassle. 

For all your towel, soap, sanitizer, and bathroom mat needs, call Braun Linen Service today at (800) 272-8657. 

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