2019 Fall Food Trends to Try in Your Restaurant

fall food trends

Don’t let your restaurant fall behind on the latest food trends. Stay ahead of the curve, impress your customers, and offer something new to the table before it becomes a “thing.” 

Here is some fall food inspiration: 

Seasonal Vegetable-Centered Dishes

Fall ushers in its own flavors and ingredients. Your customers will appreciate you bringing some to the menu, but not simply as sides. With many people trying to consume less meat, vegetable-centered dishes are becoming less of an oddity and more of a game changer. Here are some seasonal ingredients to build your recipes around: 


With a meaty texture and receptiveness to seasoning, mushrooms are a powerful and deceptively delectable plate centerpiece. Consider some of the following mushroom recipes to integrate into your menu:


No other vegetable has a monopoly on Fall like the pumpkin. Tough, gooey, and fibrous, pumpkin is notoriously difficult to handle in the kitchen. With these recipes to work with, though, the effort will be worth the payoff.


Though not as clearly a Fall vegetable as the pumpkin, squash is a super versatile and delicious ingredient to base a dish around. 

Mexican Street Corn (Elote)

With corn harvesting winding down around early October to late November, Fall is the ideal time to find a way to spice up the staple food. Mexican street corn is just the way to do that. With its delicate balance of sweetness, creaminess, and cheesiness, there’s no wonder why anybody who tries it becomes an instant fan. Adding this item to the menu as a side or appetizer is sure to generate interest. 

There are many ways to prepare this dish, but it basically comes down to three steps: cook, lather, and sprinkle. Cook the corn, lather it in butter and mayonnaise, and sprinkle cotija cheese and any other spice or herb you’d like. Customize it to match your restaurant’s style or mission. 

Pickled or Fermented Dishes

Though pickling and fermentation are ancient techniques, they are woefully underutilized in the food industry. Pickling or fermentation not only helps preserve food for longer, but also allows you to enrich and add personalized flavors to otherwise mediocre sides or toppings. A forgotten tradition used before the onset of winter in the Fall months, pickling can take your restaurant’s offered experience to the next level. 

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