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Finding the right place for mats in your hotel is just as important as ordering them from the right mat rental service. The following are efficient and helpful places to use floor mats in your hotel. 

Entrances and Exits

Hotel mats placed strategically around entrances and exits will help:

Keep Floors Clean. That high-polish shine of your lobby’s floor won’t last very long unless it has a protector. Not only does a well crafted, durable mat trap and hide dirt and debris that is blown or carried in, it insulates one of the most high-traffic areas of your hotel from that wear. That keeps the floor sparkling longer and decreases the clean ups needed where they’re generally needed most.

Comfort Guests. Your guests are coming from all over. They’ve spent the day on planes and in cars, building tension and stress. The sight of your hotel is a welcome relief, but it’s not until they get inside where that relief settles in. What do you want under their feet when they first set eyes on your lobby? A hard, muscle-tightening marble, wood, or linoleum, or the stress-draining plush of a mat with your hotel’s name and logo above a warm “Welcome”? Give them a reason to relax before they even check in.

Boost Curbside Appeal. The face of your hotel is just that: the first interaction of those driving or walking by. A glance is all it takes to either pull in or push away that next patron, and you want to give them every reason to stay. A splash of the right color at the foot of the entryway could be all it takes for that potential guest to think “maybe this place has what I’m looking for.” 


When guests are waiting in line to check in, they’ve got bags dragging behind them, kids hanging off their shoulders, and very little energy to deal with it all. Having a soft surface to stand while waiting and getting checked in might make the difference in a pleasant or contentious interaction with your clerk. 


People tend to judge a business’s overall quality by the state of their bathrooms, and you want nothing but positive interactions with yours. What mats offer in the bathroom is stability in an area where smooth floors can get wet and dangerous. 

Apart from safety, mats placed under urinals catch and hold spillage before it can get to hard-to-clean areas. That way, instead of finding the grouting or drain where it feeds bacteria that makes the stale ammonia odor associated with poorly kept bathrooms, the mat will hold onto it until replaced on a weekly basis! 

Front Desk

Your employees are on their feet all day, and any support they can get will help them do their jobs better and keep them healthier. With comfort mats under them, your employees will be more energized and ready to greet patrons all day. 


Like your clerks, your kitchen staff is constantly bustling to create delectable dishes for your guests. You want them to give 100% to every meal that leaves the kitchen, and supplying a mat for their tired legs will put their mind off aches and on appetizers. 

Liquid and oil spills are also common in kitchens, and mats, especially our Nitrile Rubber backed mats, will keep them stable, safe, and dry regardless of what’s going on underfoot.

Braun Linen Will Get You the Mats You Need 

Old, dirty, tired mats aren’t much better than bare floors. Unless you want to track the condition of every mat in your hotel and spend a fortune replacing them when they need it, call the mat, linen, and facility experts at Braun. Call us at (800) 272-8657, and rest easy knowing your hotel’s mats are in the hands of people who know the business and care about yours.


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