Clean, Reliable Lab Coats From Braun Linen

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The lab coats supplied to your medical establishment are extremely important. Lab coats are not only responsible for keeping your doctors and employees safe and ready, but also for protecting patients and products. 

Without a reliable, trustworthy supply of lab coats for your business, any number of things could go wrong. That’s why finding a proven and dependable lab coat supplier like Braun Linen is so vital. 

Here’s what lab coats from Braun Linen do for your business: 

Quality Materials and Professionally-Minded Engineering

When a doctor enters a patient’s room, one of the first things they observe is the state of the doctor’s white lab coat. If it’s damaged, frayed, stained, or even a little dirty, it sets up for a distrustful situation. Compounding this mistrust is the well-publicized understanding that lab coats can be gathering grounds for bacteria and viruses. With how important that first impression is, everything should be done to provide clean, neat, and high-quality lab coats.

Braun Linen takes extra care when sourcing our inventory, and that’s doubly true of our lab coats. We make sure that the cloth used is ideal and that the fittings are done right. 

Utility and Comfort 

A lab coat that isn’t constructed with the intention of optimal performance in any situation isn’t going to please anybody. Not the patient, and definitely not the doctor. Not only are your doctors’ reputations on the line with the appearance and function of their lab coats, but so is their patience. If the coat is too thin, ill-fitted, or the pockets unusable, it’s unacceptable. We know what’s required to make a satisfied customer, and that’s satisfying their employees. With Braun Linen, lab coats are comfortable, functional, and protective. 

Cleanliness with Every Delivery

Cleanliness is vital to the safe treatment of patients. Unless the correct temperatures, cleaning agents, and process monitoring are used, there can be no assurance of microbial absence. With pathogens like MRSA and Clostridium difficile commonly found on lab coats, the difference between recovery and complication can be as simple as your lab coat provider. 

Braun Linen ensures consistent cleanliness and safety in our delivered materials and transportation procedures. Our Hygienically Clean Healthcare Accreditation testifies to our commitment to ongoing cleaning process optimization. With us, you’ll never have to worry about yesterday’s illnesses impacting today’s recoveries. 

Professional Care and Customer Service

Simply washing and drying lab coats isn’t enough to ensure optimal performance. Any provider worth their rates will also monitor, repair, and maintain your materials without you having to ask. And with Braun Linen, that’s exactly what you get. No matter the damage: be it stains, tears, or fraying, our monitoring and repair processes ensure that your lab coats are ready for anything. 

We also know that cleanliness isn’t guaranteed without optimized transportation procedures. With the ever-presence of mold, bacteria, and viruses in any given environment, transportation methods have to take these threats into account. Braun Linen recognizes the importance and vulnerability of the transportation process, and takes every measure to ensure safe delivery. 

Contact Braun Linen for Reliable Lab Coat Services Today

If you’re ready to have reliable lab coat services for your medical facility, then you need to have a provider that can ensure that. Braun Linen can do that, and provide the customer service support you need, when you need it. Above all else, we’re here to serve you. For more information, give us a call at 800-272-8657 or contact us here

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